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Statement by the Hon. Diane Ablonczy, MP Thursday, 04 July 2013 Calgary, AB – July 4, 2013 – The Honourable Diane Ablonczy, Member of Parliament
for Calgary-Nose Hill, today issued the following statement:

"For two decades now I have been given a position of high trust, elected to be the voice
 of the citizens of my Calgary riding to the Parliament of Canada. I’ve never been more
 proud of my hometown than during these last few weeks, when our city demonstrated
 why it can be rightly regarded as the most wonderful place to live in a great province in
 the best country in the world.

"Serving as Member of Parliament for Calgary-Nose Hill and working on behalf of my
 constituents and all Canadians is both a challenging and rewarding job, one I
 enormously enjoy and which has my complete dedication. I am looking forward to
 continuing to put all my energy and efforts into that work in the foreseeable future.  

"However, we are in a period of transition. There will be a significant riding redistribution
 prior to the next election in 2015, and because of tremendous growth in northwest
 Calgary there will be drastic changes to Calgary-Nose Hill. A major part of my current
 riding will become the new Calgary-Rocky Ridge. This has led many to ask whether I will
 seek another term in office, and if so, in which riding.  

"As I am fully engaged in my responsibilities, I had not intended to publicly share my
 decision until a year from now. However, since some of my colleagues have recently
 announced that they will not seek re-election in 2015 the questions are becoming more
 insistent. That puts me, my family and my staff in an uncomfortable position. I therefore
 think that, especially since others beside myself are affected, this is the appropriate time
 to announce that after serving twenty-two years I will be leaving the political arena in

"A proper farewell and thanks will come later to the many, many people – including my
 wonderful and unselfish husband Ron, the Prime Minister and the outstanding staff I
 have been privileged to work with, among others – who have been a big part of whatever
 I have been able to contribute to the common good. In the meantime, I hope I will be
 able to count on your continued support for the remainder of my term and assure you
 that I am and will continue to be deeply committed to my constituents, my city, province
 and country."




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